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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sand King of Egypt

Searching everywhere for this baby by Al Ahram. Not Sakara Gold, I am looking for Sakara King! CM loved it so much, she remarked its much better than the ale in Brewerkz.

So if any of you seen this beer, try it, and please let me know where to buy:)


Lau Kar Ling not said...

Wah! CM so "khang" wan ar...? :P

Gnu said...

Kar Ling Je: Now only you know? Can't judge the book by its cover:p

But the lager is really nice, not so bitter yet with enriched fruitiness. Was surprised that an Islamic country produces such excellent beer:) Try it if you can.

Not Kar Ling said...

ok.. we'll look out for it. enriched fruitiness sounds good..