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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Malaysia - Singapore KTM land swap - 2nd Link Toll Down

Follow up from my earlier entry, Second Link users will pay 30% less toll come Aug 1.

Currently at passenger cars would need to pay RM10.80 at Tanjung Kupang Toll Plaza (Malaysia) and another S$4.60 at Tuas Checkpoint (Singapore). A 30% discount would amounted to RM7.60 and S$3.30. This is still a far cry from the RM2.90 and S$1.20 for those using the Causeway.

If one uses the Second Link starting Aug 1, the monthly cost will be RM176.8 + S$75.9 as compared to RM248.4 + S$105.8 previously, and RM66.7 + S$27.6 via the Causeway.

Well, a 30% discount is better than nothing, but I think we could go lower, couldn't we?

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