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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Some pix to share on my recent Hong Kong trip, short but memorable one... Going in Jan'09 with CM again, hopefully get to go to Macau then:p

Reached HK at 12am, watched Ironman throughout the journey and drank too much white wine. When the alcohol hit me at the end of the flight, I puked in the washroom.

The SIA stewardess was like," Mr, the plane is going to land. Please return to your seat and put on the seat belt."

"But I really need to go to the toilet."

"No sir, please return to your seat." she insisted.

"I am going to puke." and I rushed to the tiny closet and threw up like the Singapore merlion. After I was done, the plane had landed and the stewardess smiled at me and asked,"Are you feeling better now?"

Moral of the story?

Better to fly with SIA in future:)

By the time we arrived at Conrad, it was about 1am. We checked in and I was soon sound asleep after a hot water bath. What you witness here was the topsy-turvied bed after one night of tossing around, snoring and kicking the blanket. Yes, that's my t-shirt and belt, always been an unkempt guy:p

The luxurious looking bathroom with a huge bathtub, towels everywhere within an arm's reach. Notice the round mirror on the wall above the towel (right)? That mirror can magnify the pores on your face several times larger than the normal ones and thanks to it, I managed to squeeze out some stubborn sebums.

Yes, they even prepared my childhood playmate, Captain Ducky. We practically hijacked the HMS Interceptor and went after the Black Pearl to the End of the World...okay, this is crap.

This is where I work with the latest member of the Sony VAIO (VGN-SR16GN) launched only this July in Hong Kong.

View from my room, nothing but skyscraping edifices sprouting out from the lush green hills like mushrooms.

Jason, the FC told me it would be fun to go to Repulse Bay and I heeded his advice. However, I went to the wrong place, instead I ended up at Repulse Beach...sien.

Cool huh? Going to a beach during the summer time without your trunks. The weather was damn hot, much hotter and humid than in Malaysia or Singapore. Nonetheless, the sea was not at all inviting, and so I just took a snap and that's it.

Horrifying apartments beside the beach. Looks like pigeon hole to me.

Some shots from a nearby temple.

Next stop, The Peak. Some shots taken from The Peak Tower, trying to mimic the shots on the postcards... Okay, the picture on the postcard looks much punchy than mine, but i think i got the angle right lor. It's kinda hazy then.

Ahh, who would have miss Madam Tussauds' wax museum. Waited for a very long time to shoot Bruce Lee "alone" but the crowd was just too enthusiastic about the late Jeet Kune Do founder and martial art icon. This is another way to explain why I captured this pic with the lady in it. (Disclaimer: I don't know her!)

One thing to note is that most of the famous icons featured here are surprisingly shorter than I am, except Yao Ming lar.

Lau Kin-Ming aka Andy Lau: ngo siong jou hou yan!



MM Lee Kuan Yew

Cecilia Cheung. Couldn't find Edison...:P

Twinz: Ah Sa and Ah Q...(Still can't find Edison...)

Datuk Michelle Yeoh and Gnustiy

Realized that touring around alone wasn't that much fun, so I decided not to visit the underwater world and headed back to the Central. Took my lunch in one of the local "cha can ting" and took a stroll around Wan Chai.

Kelly Chan on mooncake advert

Petaling Street?!

Yucks! Pigeon holes...


HK's trademark, little red cabs.

This was my final shot in the cab, on the way to the airport to fly back to Singapore...See you in Jan'09. Till then.


gibson said...

"That mirror can magnify the pores on your face several times larger than the normal ones and thanks to it, I managed to squeeze out some stubborn sebums." so er xin..

but u've enjoyed ur trip to hk..

gnap the taikarje said...

Oi! bad lar you, never post with Lau Kar Ling wax figure. tsk. :D

Serious ar? u brought along the yellow ducky??!! so cute! hahahah

N r u telling me you own a Sony Vaio! So rich la u, aiyoh! (rhymes! haha)

gnap said...

btw, the bathroom layout look exactly like the one in Swisshotel Stamford Sgp which i stayed in recently. even that "pore mirror" station. hahha

Gnu said...

gibson: Hahaha...sorry ya, didnt realized it's disgusting till i read your comment:p

Gnu said...

gnap: coincidently the day i went there some very big shot booked the oriental stars section, so i didn't get to take a pic of Lau Kar Ling, Leong Cheu Wai, Chow Yun Fatt, Kwok Foo Seng...etc.

The ducky was prepared by the hotel, they also provide a teddy bear but before i could stuff it in my luggage, they took it away after room service...@#$%%%^#$..

Walao tai kar je, you so so so tap soi lar, d' Stamford is 5 star hotel le...your sons so hang fook.